Flor de Gaia is an environmental organization established on the idea of exchange of expertise and contributions, where each member is encouraged to pro-actively participate in the project.

It all started in 2017 in southwestern Portugal. Key activities on the site include permaculture, agroecology, and the exploration of the new approaches to restorative forest management. The following step is the creation of a Foundation to defend the land and make it an example of the sustainable way of life, in harmony between Humans and Nature.

This land invites us to take a step towards deep ecology and guides us to understand better Nature and Human Beings. Trainings, seminars, and courses are the necessary tools to acquire and share this wisdom. Through collaboration with partner organizations, we maintain a network of facilitators and professionals in the area of sustainable living.

In the program

  • Collect and process resources available on-site by adopting a conscious ecological approach
  • Apply the best forest management practices in forest fire prevention (selective clearing, conservation of wooded shorelines, wildlife monitoring, hunting, harvesting cork and fruits…)
  • Practice updated legislations of the ICNF (Institute of Conservation of the Natural Forest)
  • Harvest the seeds of the trees and shrubs present on the site
  • Collection of medicinal plants to be distilled as essential oils
  • Plant various trees that will increase the productivity and biodiversity of the land
  • Design landscaping, orchards, and a nursery
  • Production of Spirulina and Mushrooms that strengthen the mycelial activity of the earth
  • Development of ecotourism and spreading ecological awareness through events and meetings.


We are a group of people coming from diverse cultures with different professional backgrounds, and we all seek to create the changes that we want to see in the world.

A laboratory of the new ways of living and working together:  We pay attention to our relationships, mutual trust and understanding, cultivating the behaviors that bind our network members. By setting an example, we would like to promote dialogue and collective comprehension to better guarantee the flourishing of common values of tolerance, peace, and freedom.