This association aims to :

1 / protection, awareness and the enhancement of the environment

2 / The development of a dynamic social and solidarity economy

3 / The creation and management of agro-ecological and educational farm.


            Agroecology cell:

  • Experiment with innovative production techniques in agro-ecology (agroforestry, permaculture, etc.)
  • Produce, process and sell artisanal creations, organic and local products.
  • Participate voluntarily in the rehabilitation of the rural heritage,
  • Coach pedagogical workshops and integration projects.

           Event Cell – Crafts:

  • Valuing waste and creative recycling,
  • Organize events, artistic and cultural activities that promote civic assemblies, the reception of all people with interaction in the local community,  social and generational melting.
  • Coordinate solidarity exchanges between individuals, at different levels within the countryside , city, regional, national and European countries.

           Pedagogical unit:

  • Promote ecology through training, educational activities and events.
  • Favor the link of the actors in the territory and other citizens, with the use of the present collective reception structure at the Flor de Gaia association.

           Participatory democracy cell:

  • By experimenting decision tools allowing everyone to find their place and their opinions to be taken into account,
  • By the application of the gaia Charter that preserves the founding values ​​of the association.

            Eco-building cell:

  • Build and renovate facilities with a focus on self-construction and participatory projects, the use of environmentally friendly materials and renewable energies,
  • Through an adapted and integrated landscape design, highlighting the environmental qualities of the site managed by the association.

            Well-being cell:

  • By organizing activities and productions related to well-being, living food and personal development.
  • By organizing conferences and cinema-debate related to health care and well being.

Composition of the members

               Resource members (circle 3)

It is the local, regional, national or European sympathizers who wish to be kept informed, and contribute, at least by their contribution, to the associative dynamic. Anyone (physical or moral) who wishes to become a member of the Association accepts the application of the present statutes as well as the Internal Regulations and Charter.

                Partner members (circle 2)

They contribute to the ecological dynamics and participate in the economic life of the site (s) with a financial contribution, material, intellectual  to the life of the association. As such, they may be residents or neighbors of Flor de Gaia’s head office, and coordinate volunteers. A resource member becomes a Partner member with the assessment of the board of directors after a trial period determined by the Internal Regulations. This time allows the setting up the administrative structuring of his personal activity project within the association.

              Permanent members ( circle 1)

They are considered responsible by all members of the association. They constitute the board of directors. They carry out the activities necessary for the evolution and the influence of the association. They produce economic activities favorable to collective investments. They are residents  and investors of Flor de Gaia.

To become a permanent member, one must:

  • have a convergent activity with the founding values , ​​and an activity related to the developement of the association.
  • they must followed the probation procedure, which terms and duration are fixed by the rules of procedure,(unless a unanimous and justified decision of the Board of Directors to waive this condition); 
  • to become a permanent members they have to be approved by unanimous agreement of the members of the Board of Directors