Permaculture Training Certification

Flor de Gaia | Troviscais, Alentejo | Portugal – Facilitated by Maurício Umann and Invited.

* 2 weeks intensive Resilience and Regenerative Systems Design Course including a 72h International Permaculture Design Certification From October 5th to 20th 2019 *

>> Synopsis : The Resilience and Regenerative Systems Design is a life-changing, experiential proposition addressed to every individual that is in a quest to serve the world or to deepen and find new methods, tools, and instruments to co-create a regenerative tomorrow.

>> Learning outcomes : The Resilience and Regenerative Systems Design is an embodied learning journey, where the participants will get in touch, deepen and develop, purpose-driven leadership, collective intelligence, system thinking, resilience supportive tools, regenerative design, deep ecology, biomimicry, transition, blue economy, and much, much more.

>> Why Permaculture? : Permaculture is a design theory and practice that develops regenerative and productive natural based systems and sustainable human settlements in conscious biomimicry actions.

>> What is PDC ? PDC or Permaculture Design Certified Course is a course is modeled for 72 hours and addressing key themes and the core of Permaculture, according to his co-creator Bill Mollison. This course will give students a Permaculture Design Certificate, and access to the Permaculture Diploma Process, allowing them to be able to start a teaching and consultancy professional path on permaculture.

>> Facilitators : Maurício Umann (MU), a warm-hearted Permaculture Diplomate and educator with a deep theoretical and practical experience in Permaculture, Natural Building and Community’s practices, setting up projects in urban spaces, amazon landscapes, Mediterranean spaces, cold climate, and subtropical spaces since 2005, teaching and consulting in Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Peru, Romani and Hungary. He is passionate about bio-construction, communities and ecovillages design, landscape design and earthworks. With a multicultural experience, established in Portugal since 2009 the Integral Education Center “O Fojo Permaculture” where an intentional community is being born and implemented. He is also the author of the book Permaculture | Introductory Course, edited in Portuguese and now being translated to english, romanian, spanish and french and co-author of the project/book Aldeia das Amoreiras | Permaculture to a village.He is now involved in creating an International Permaculture Diploma System, an International Cooperative entrepreneurship to connect ecovillages and Permaculture projects economically and also working as a Permaculture Consultant Designer in different scale Permaculture and Community projects in Europe. CO-facilitator: Rui Vasques

>> Price for the training : 550 euros
>> Accomodation & food : 220 euros >> MORE INFOS ? Contact us