In August, Ser Água is back with its third edition to honor Water and its medicine!

Last year we had the blessing of being in pure Nature, in deep process, swimming in the waters of river Mira and, once again, we were blessed with RAIN in the middle of August!

This year we will have 6 days of immersion in which we invite to connect deeply with the Water, listen to her, receive her medicine and give her our love, prayers and gratitude. Over the course of the 6 days, we will go through a 4-step process based on Deep Ecology, which helps us to connect with water, its pain and remind our essence and the way back Home.

– Songs, Prayers, Offerings and Ceremonies to the Water inspired by different traditions
– Cacau Ceremony
– Temazcal
– Meditation and Chi Kung
– Women Circle, Men Circle and Ritual of Unification
– Dance and Movement
– Ser Canto – Singing Workshop
– How to be in service to Water: networking space and Activist co-criation

– 28 August: Arrival Day
– 29 August a 1 September: 4 days Immersive Retreat
– 2 September: Integration Day and departure

Cleansing Vegan Food with Raw and Gluten Free option.
Fresh, local and organic food as much as possible, prepared with a lot of love.

Until 13 August: 250 euros
After: 290 euros
* includes food and all activities

ACCOMMODATION (5 nights included) : Tent or Own Caravan
25€ Bell Tent and Dormitory
40€ Private Room

For those who do not have the possibility to pay the full price, we try to find a fair energy exchange. We want this meeting to be inclusive and give the opportunity to everyone who feels the call to come. Thus, there are some places to help in the kitchen during the gathering and have a reduction in price. For more information send email.

Pat Herdeira: | 925820371


Water is a spirit that lives in all that our sight reaches. It travels through channels under the earth, flows in thousands of rivers all over the world, falls in hundreds of waterfalls and it´is Mother of the five oceans. It travels in the clouds, meditates on the stones and lives on all the plants, seeds, animals and humans that live in the Earth.

In addition to all its beauty and magic, water has the ability to listen and to store information itself. She listens to every word, every thought, every sound and takes our intentions wherever it goes. Water is a mirror of ourselves … it is Essence, it is Origin, it is Mother, it is Life and it is Memory.

In this meeting, we join together to honor Water, the primordial element that contains within itself the history of all humanity and the Origin of the Earth. We honor Water as the Source of Life and we thank and bless its Medicine that is so Sacred and present in our lives. We ask the Great Spirit of Water to cleanse and purify our bodies, our minds, our hearts and we send an intention of Love and Healing to the Water so it can carry our vibration to all beings on Earth.

This meeting will be a moment of sharing, to honor Water and its Medicine and to remember our Origins, to remember that we are one – WE ARE WATER.


Facilitators, Organizers and Water Guardians:

Mariana Root is a singer and songwriter who dedicates herself to the sound frequencies of the Nature and the awareness that we are Nature.
She´s been exploring the musical roots of beira-baixa in Portugal and the Andean mountain range of South America, where her two albums “Solay” and “Coração em Raiz” were born.
It is in the contact with the local communities that she visits, the people who cultivate the land and keep the ancestral wisdom and its sounds and the encounter with the native language of Andes, Quechua, that inspires Mariana to offer to the world creations that combine a ancient feeling with an expression and message of the present moment.
Her voice takes us on a unique journey with an incredible creative and free sensitivity, accompanied by guitar, charango and ronroco, and multiple percussions.
At the moment, she just released her third album dedicated to Water, with the Chilean multi-instrumentalist Ignácio Rodriguez, an activist musical intervention driven by the visit to indigenous peoples of Colombia and Peru, and the encounter with the present reality that affects the waters, Life on earth and all its Beings.
Mariana is a messenger woman, walker and singer.

Keeper of Shamanka, a project of reconnection through plant medicine, the wisdom of the original peoples and the memory of Orenda: the spiritual force that inhabits each being. It is a project that walks through different countries and landscapes, exploring and collecting medicines, plants and knowledge from different cultures and parts of the Earth.
Cacau Ceremonies ~ Deep Ecology ~ Doula ~ Medicinal Plants ~ Intuitive Connection with Plants ~ Prayer to Water ~ Courses ~ Therapies

Water Guardian and co-organizer of Ser Água. Hands and soul of artist and healer, explorer of movement, voice, touch, the secrets of the body and its doors to the spirit and the inner waters. She´s passionate of the Wild Woman and the power of the Circle, and is now guiding Women Circles in Arrábida. She loves the living essence of the Child and has worked with the small children of the Earth in recent years and is currently part of the project O Pequeno Buda, meditation for children. Graduated in Psychology, she has dedicated the last years to self-discovery, the study of the human being and its spiritual potential and the exploration of different holistic therapies.

Ballerina since young, with a vast research that began in Ballet and contemporary, and went through Flamenco, Butoh and Odissi, classical dance of India, where he lived seven years.
In recent years her exploration goes into the African continent, Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso, where her body finds inspiration for the last projects she has integrated.
The dancer, is the voice of the musical project Yemadas, band of World Music already with 5 albums edited, where she developed the passion for music and the natural gift to play different instruments such as ukulele, space drum and multi percussions. She lived and acted in several different countries, until finally she put her roots in the south of Portugal, where she currently lives.

Lover of nature and the water element and being in family, Maria joins this meeting to facilitate two forms of communication.
One with the body: through contact improvisation dance we express and listen with the movement; and another with the word: through a space for sharing actions and co-creation in the service of water, we weave a network, we are inspired.
As landscape architect and sensitive to the development of human communities in the territory, she finds in facilitation and collaborative design the tools for eco-social regeneration towards community resilience, being part of OrlaDesign collective. In contact improvisation finds a way to explore the nature of the relationship with herself, others and space and to (ag)know(ledge) with the movement things that reason cannot reach.

Urbano is an instructor of Tai Chi, QiGong (Chi Kung) and therapist. He has devoted himself to the development of these practices with several age groups in a personal and social growth experience with those who are also touched with the magic of discovering our Essence, which gives us life (CHI). The QiGong, since its origins in China in the VI century, has transformed, maintaining its essence of energetic cultivation, being a “tool” for our reconnection with Mother Earth, in the rooting of the body, mind and spirit. Urbano develops partnerships with various institutions, organizes courses, workshops and classes of QiGong, Tai Chi and massages.

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