A land of experimentation to practice permaculture

 Flor de Gaia is a private estate in southern Portugal, in the Vicentina Coast Natural Park. Along the river Mira, the property is 100 hectares in Natural Park, dominated by a thick and healthy undisturbed successive forest, that make it as an important habitat for countless species of plants and animals, that are now considered as threatened. The land has a very important and significant place in the bio-region for wildlife activities. Diversities of life has transformed into a sanctuary for birds and a vital seeds dispersal source for the regeneration of degraded areas. The resources and diversities that the land provide make it as a very important for the health of the Eco-system that we are living in.


We draw our water from two large wells, and maintain an artificial storage lake. The flora is rich in diversity, with cork oaks, pedunculate oaks, Arbutus, Pistacia lentiscus, wild and domestic olives, Myrthes, various Cistas, wild plums and pear trees, naked Rhams, tree heathers, Phylléreas, some Eucalyptus, Cypresses, and many pines. Ditto for Wildlife: Wild boar, Mongooses, Common genus, Weasel, European badgers, Red foxes, Lynx (?), Red partridge, Red throats, Jay, Cuckoo, Protected bats, Owls, Eagles, Falcons, snakes etc …

Since 2017, the management association of this Earth has started a regeneration program, by planting trees, cultivating a vegetable garden, creating paths, rehabilitating the riperian zones, by putting in place composts. Some hens and donkey Mambo participate in the organic life of Flor de Gaia.

To arrive at Flor de Gaia, you have to take a track of several kilometers leading to a plateau 80 meters above sea level. On this plateau is the common house (co-working space – collective kitchen – secretariat.) You will also find parking, stables and lake. Then against the sea level: the river, the wells, the garden, the orchards, the plain and the 2 small houses self-built home. The founding members also built two yurts, built a sauna, invested in solar panels, pumps and a network irrigation system (this last point being perfectible …) After a decade of abandonment, the buildings of this Land have required, and still require, renovations, as well as the finalization of storage buildings and stables. Meanwhile, the association is equipped with 3 beautiful white tents, a teepee, a tent-yurt and a Berber tent. This logistics makes it possible to ensure the reception for the formations, the events, the training courses, and the participative building sites.